Bullseye Welcomes New Web Developer

Bullseye Media recently gained a new team member who brings a lot of hard work and talent every day of the week. Veronica Ho, Junior Web Developer, answered a few questions for us so we could learn how she became the gifted web developer that she is today!   Where are you from? Hong Kong….read more.

5 Things To Consider When Working With Drones

As fun as it is to fly our drone around at shoots, there’s a lot of prep required before we film and caution while it’s in the air. Here are some things you may not have considered when it comes to flying a drone: Your Environment Bystanders It is highly frowned upon by both law…read more.

Q&A With Bullseye Media President

What drove you to start your own agency? It kind of just happened – I knew I wanted to start a company and over the years it formed into a media agency. When I first started, I was doing marketing from a basement, but as the need for great media grew, we adjusted and hired talented people. What’s Bullseye’s…read more.

Meet our Summer Interns!

We are happy to welcome our new summer interns to the Bullseye family! Today marks the start of Deonna Brinkman (Graphic Design) and Brady Davis’s (Animation) internships. As part of their first-day tasks, we had them answer some “getting to know you questions”. Here’s what they came up with: What’s your favorite Bullseye Media Project?…read more.

Content is King

In today’s fast-paced media landscape, it’s immediately understood by any business that a powerful first impression makes a key difference. Having a strong visual identity and a concise mission statement is a paramount concern. After this initial moment of recognition, however, your business has to have a solid platform to stand on. Stated another way:…read more.