How a business's story informs its brand

How a Business’s Story Informs Its Brand

From political candidates, to job seekers, to recording artists, those that succeed generally have an interesting story. This is why tabloid magazines are widely read, and why you might know more about your favorite artists and notable individuals than you know about your own family members.

On a much more professional level, your story could be a gold mine for your business – if utilized properly. As one of the most powerful tools in your brand-building toolbox, your story has the potential to set you apart in the marketplace and firmly establish your company in the hearts and minds of your customers. Here’s how a business’s story informs its brand, and how to start benefiting from that truth.

Experience Shapes Identity

Just as each person’s individual experiences shape who they are, how they approach problems, and how they carry themselves, the story of a business shapes its present identity.

For example, a startup that began in a garage will likely have certain ideals and beliefs about work ethic and ingenuity. A law firm formed by several 30-year industry veterans will probably have something to say about professionalism and due diligence.

The events and milestones that have charted the course of your business are, whether you realize it or not, inextricably linked to your identity and your brand as a company. Here’s why that’s a good thing:

Your Story Is Unique, and That Should Be Celebrated

No two people have exactly the same story, and businesses are the same way.

No other company has undergone the exact same set of changes, pivots, and unforeseen events that your firm has. No other company has had the same staff as yours.

Your company is fundamentally unique in the marketplace, offering a perspective that no other firm quite can.

That uniqueness can – and should – be tapped into and leveraged.

Humans have a tendency to value things that are rare or special, and they are drawn to stories that intrigue them. Using the details of your story to produce custom content that shares your unique identity with your clients and potential customers can help them get to know you and develop a more personal connection with your brand.

The stronger that connection is, the more sales, referrals, and five-star reviews you’ll garner. Your story as a company not only informs your brand – it can help strengthen and proliferate it.

Allow Your Story to Help You Stand Out

Tell your story through your website, your content, and your branding techniques. Ask yourself: what does your company stand for? What values are most important to you? How would you describe your culture?

Using these adjectives to color and influence your custom content will help utilize your story to build a stronger brand. And research shows that the stronger your brand is, the more loyal and enthusiastic your customers will be. Using the intricacies of your story – the ideals and events that have shaped who you are as a company – in your content allows you to establish better relationships with your clients while making your brand more memorable, powerful, and ultimately, more profitable. Win-win.

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