The Art of Universe Building

Middle Earth. Narnia. The Marvel Cinematic Universe. These fictional worlds provide a much-needed dose of escapism from our hectic everyday lives. They encourage us to think differently and add depth and flavor to a story. Heck, some of them even teach us a fictional language or two. When creators put extra time and detail into…read more.

Our Favorite Marketing Heroes in Popular Culture, Ranked

Marketing is woven into the fabric of our culture. As Americans, we eat, sleep and breathe it. We fall in love with characters in the trenches of the industry like Peggy Olson and find magic in the experience marketing stunts of the OG candyman, Willy Wonka. Here are some of our own, perhaps less conventional,…read more.

Leveraging the Hero’s Journey Structure for Professional Advancement

Whether you’re a recruiting firm, SaaS provider or other professional services organization, you rely on effective B2B digital marketing to reach and retain valuable clients. When it comes to professional services marketing, following the hero’s journey formula is particularly effective. Here’s how to do it. Identify the Client’s Pain Points Every hero’s journey starts with…read more.

Our Favorite Cinematic Techniques (and Movies That Do Them Well)

There is nothing quite as satisfying as purposeful cinematography. Not only is it appealing visually, it can solidify a director’s style and reinforce key points about plots and characters. From choosing the right lighting setup to deciding how long the camera should linger, the best ad agencies incorporate cinematic techniques to influence viewers’ opinions, spark…read more.

Methods of Growing Meaningful Awareness Through Storytelling

Building brand awareness in a saturated marketplace requires a strategic approach to storytelling. Brands need to craft narratives that not only capture attention but also encapsulate their essence and values. It turns out that the hallmarks of good storytelling also lay the foundation for effective brand strategy. Here’s how to leverage them to boost your…read more.

Crafting a Heroic Narrative for Your Brand’s Journey

Once upon a time, American writer Joseph Campbell identified the universal storytelling framework known as the hero’s journey. Seen throughout history and across cultures, this narrative structure is not limited to literature and lore—it also plays a key role in crafting an effective brand strategy. Know Your Hero Your journey, like all great stories, begins…read more.

The History (and Power) of Mascots

The word “mascot,” (or rather, mascotte) was first recorded in 1867 by a French composer, and described anything that brought good luck into a home. These “lucky charms” were often trinkets such as locks of hair— it was a different time. From there, the meaning of the word “mascot” slowly morphed into the one we…read more.

A Copywriter’s Guide to SEO Basics

So you’re interested in being a copywriter? A master of digital media? You’re going to want to make sure you’ve got an understanding of SEO in digital marketing and a handle on your keyword strategy. These things are important to keep in mind on your path to success. We’re here to guide you through the…read more.