In a clickbait world, why quality content still wins?

In a Clickbait World, Why Quality Content Still Wins

As the human attention span continues to shrink, and as every end user is bombarded with colorful content from several devices for the entirety of the waking day, the question of which content you should produce becomes an important and urgent one.

It is difficult to cut through the noise while still retaining the voice of your brand and simultaneously speaking in terms that your audience will understand and be excited about. This is why it’s so easy to fall into the temptation of creating low-quality, clickbait content that generates page visits. That’s what you are after right?

Wrong. Page visits, unfortunately, are not going to build you a sustainable business with a bright future. Loyal, paying customers do that. And to build a reliable foundation of those customers, you need high-quality content. Here’s why.

Your Content Influences Your Reputation – and Your Reality

Aristotle famously said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Famous philosophical whimsies aside, the content you create – and populate your website and communication channels with – will directly and expressly influence your portfolio, your service offering, your company culture, and your brand.

If your clients and potential customers interpret your content as cheap, kitschy, or poorly designed, they will (consciously or subconsciously) view your business and your brand in that same light.

And more importantly, the quality of your content not only influences the perception of your business, but the reality of your business.

If you continually produce lackluster content, you have become a company that produces lackluster things. 

At some point along the string of command, a decision had to be made that the quality of the content was “just fine” where it was – even if it wasn’t great. How can you stop that attitude from permeating other aspects of your business? The answer: it’s extremely difficult.

Adopting a mindset and a habit of quality is equally important to the reputation as well as the health of your business.

The Type of Content Your Produce Is Part of Your Brand

Research shows that the stronger your brand is, the more loyal and enthusiastic your customers will be. Your brand is made up of several elements, including your story, logo, designs, color scheme, communicative tone, social media presence, and most notably, your content.

Some companies make the mistake of assuming that the packaging of their material is their brand, when in reality, the material itself informs the brand.

Think of a popular brand that you like – any product will do. When you try to define their brand, even if you are thinking in terms of colors and images, the descriptors you use will undoubtedly be influenced by the nature of their actual products.

Think of it this way: if a furniture company, for example, creates extremely low quality goods that consistently break, tear, and cannot be replaced – isn’t that going to influence the perception of the business in your mind? Won’t it influence how you speak about the business to others? Of course it will. And those things: your thoughts and sentiments about the business, are part of its brand.

After the Glitter Settles

When all is said and done, and the glitter of the headline and accompanying image wear off, the quality of the content beyond the click is what is going to motivate a customer to come back a second time.

We all know those links that exist at the bottom of news articles – a hodgepodge of “You Won’t Believe What Happened When” headlines paired with images that haven’t the slightest relevance to the subject matter. If you are so unfortunate to navigate to one of those websites, you will be met with yet another wasteland of subpar content, and if you have any say in the matter, you will never return to it again.

While instant satisfaction of curiosity might land a page visit, the driver that is going to create real, reliable, paying customers is, indisputably, quality. Quality wins every time because it lasts, and it’s meaningful. Quality content paints a positive image of your company in the hearts and minds of your viewers, and it will beget more quality production in other areas of your business. Operating from a mindset of producing the best content possible is tiring, sweaty, and time-intensive…but it’s always worth it.

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