Elevate Your Business Cards

Elevate Your Business Cards

Let’s talk business. Specifically, business cards. Even though we live in a digital world, they’re a traditional touchpoint for potential customers and the lifeline for returning customers. 

It’s a conversation starter. It’s the first impression your client has with your company. It’s a reflection of you and your brand.

If your business card looks a little dated or home-made, well, that could ruin a good first impression. 

That’s why they’re so important. 

Beyond your name, title, and contact information, here are three ways to elevate your business card:  

1.Design Elements

This is your opportunity to show your personal quality – if your design is cheap and dated, people won’t take you seriously. It might seem obvious, but before you go any further in your business card design, remember basic design principles: 

  • Make sure your images are high-quality
  • Keep important text 5mm from the trim edge
  • Maintain a minimum size for your text to improve legibility
  • Design in CMYK 

If you implement these design principles your business cards have a great foundation for more exciting elements. 

2.Watch the Edges

If you want your card to stand out, considering a cut-die process to remove elements from the card stock. You could round the corners or cut shapes out of the center for a unique look. If you’re looking for an extra-thick business card with an eye-catching edge, consider painted edge business cards. 

3.The Finish Line

Spending a bit more on professional finishing goes a long way. Special finishes include options like spot-UV, metallic inks, magnet, or wooden. They make your card look tactile, impressive, and memorable. If your card is magnetic, it’s more likely to live on a refrigerator insight instead of being thrown away or recycled.

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