Wait. Is Advertising…Art?

Fighting over the definition of “art” is as ancient as the human subjectivity that makes the fight impossible to resolve. It is the opinion of this advertising artist that the endless argument about what constitutes art is, in itself, an art form. But I digress. The crux of the debate about art, and whether advertising…read more.

How a Business’s Story Informs Its Brand

From political candidates, to job seekers, to recording artists, those that succeed generally have an interesting story. This is why tabloid magazines are widely read, and why you might know more about your favorite artists and notable individuals than you know about your own family members. On a much more professional level, your story could…read more.

How To Shoot A Great Video with Your Smartphone

Sure, we know you aren’t trying to shoot an Oscar-winning film, but you’re still trying to capture footage that will resonate with your audience (whether that’s your consumers or your kids). Today, smartphones aren’t just rapidly improving in quality, they’re also extremely convenient. With a phone in your pocket, you have a world of opportunities…read more.

Social Media Best Practices

By Brian Knight Posting on social media is no longer just a fun hobby, it’s a crucial part of marketing your business; it helps you gain new prospects and retain your current clients. So if your teenage daughter has been your social media guru up till now, here are some of our tips for managing…read more.

Q&A With Bullseye Media President

What drove you to start your own agency? It kind of just happened – I knew I wanted to start a company and over the years it formed into a media agency. When I first started, I was doing marketing from a basement, but as the need for great media grew, we adjusted and hired talented people. What’s Bullseye’s…read more.