Social Media Best Practices

Social Media Best Practices

By Brian Knight

Posting on social media is no longer just a fun hobby, it’s a crucial part of marketing your business; it helps you gain new prospects and retain your current clients. So if your teenage daughter has been your social media guru up till now, here are some of our tips for managing your social media. 

Post 2-3x Per Week 

The golden rule for posting is always quality over quantity. If you post too infrequently, people will forget you exist. If you post too often, people will start to tune you out. Posting two or three times a week is enough to stay up-to-date and current without becoming noise. Wondering what day(s) or what time of day to post? Read this guide

Use Custom Graphics 

To set your business apart from your competitors, generic designs, clipart, and stock photos won’t help. You need custom graphics that tell your story, draw the eye, and communicate your key messages. Once you have a set of custom graphics, it’s important to learn how to leverage them in your media to create success for your brand. 

Use Video 1-2x Per Month 

If you’re scrolling through Facebook you’ll find that most of the content is video, and with video comes incredible conversion rates. Videos allow all types of users to access your information, it’s great for storytelling, and it’s easier for your audience to process than reading. Video is the most effective and powerful type of content for your brand, if you’re not using video, you’re missing out. 

Comment, Like and Share 

The more active your company’s account is, the more likely it is you’ll gain followers and exposure. Find other companies in your industry and comment, like, and share their material. When you post on your social media encourage your team to share your company posts and spread the word about your brand!