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The Science of Ads that Lead to Conversions

From TV commercials to TikTok, billboards to Facebook, it can be hard to determine what ads actually work and lead to actual revenue. While some of the best ads you can remember right off the bat are likely TV commercials, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re great at generating sales and leads. Meanwhile, some less-than-visible strategies are working overtime to convert customers and grow businesses. 

As a marketing agency, we should probably know what ads are the best ads for generating leads and converting sales. Here are a few things we look out for. 

They’re on the Right Platforms

The interesting thing about ads is that they are everywhere. Traditional ads like radio, TV and billboards are oftentimes the first thing that come to mind, but in the digital age of media consumption, advertising has adapted to meet audiences where they are. There are a ton of places where advertising can be found now, including traditional media, social media, Google and more. 

But that doesn’t mean you should be advertising on all these platforms. 

The best ads that lead to conversions know their audiences and target them strategically. For example, product-based advertising is most effective when paired with a strong pay-per-click (PPC) strategy on Google and other platforms. Data over time has shown that people who are searching for specific products are more likely to click on a PPC ad and consequently make a purchase. The deliberate, specific search query tells brands that audiences want these products, and their intent to purchase is clear. 

Lead generation for professional services performs well on platforms where professionals and business-to-business (B2B) interactions take place. LinkedIn is an ideal platform for digital advertising where the goal is to generate leads and create a stronger network. Finally, Facebook and Instagram are ideal platforms for general brand awareness, as the ads that are available there can meld into the background and be a part of the social media feed of your audience. 

They’re Visually Engaging

Video production is becoming increasingly more important for brands. Organic content and paid ads perform significantly better when they include videos. While you can’t incorporate videos in your PPC strategy, you can still benefit from visually interesting content that leads to conversions. 

There are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when creating video ads. First, keep them short. Audiences tend to have short attention spans, and when people realize they’re watching an ad, they are likely to skip it or scroll past. That is why it is important to mention your brand’s name and when possible, the relevant product or service you are offering within the first 3 – 5 seconds of the video. This ensures that, before someone can skip or scroll past, they at least hear your name and what you’re selling. 

Short-form video content is key for high-converting ads. But if you don’t have video production capabilities, you may want to stick with static images. This approach can be effective too; keep in mind that humans like to see other humans. Rather than keeping your images purely product-focused, create visually engaging content that shows people using your product or service. With ads, you have limited time and space to capture your audience’s attention, so use it wisely!

They’re Specific

One of the most effective ways to close a sale and convert on your ads is to direct your buyers to specific pages as quickly as possible. Limiting the amount of clicks a user has to go through to find the product they want can drastically increase the amount of conversions you see on your ads. 

If you are bringing audiences to the homepage of your website, they may not know where to go from there, especially if they saw a specific product they liked on the ad. Incorporate specific links to your PPC strategy and other digital ads to ensure users can find what they’re looking for and make a purchase. 

The best ads also have clear calls to action. The copy and taglines on ads are great ways to capture your audience’s attention, but it is important to finalize their thoughts with a CTA to “Buy Now,” “Explore Products,” or “Save Today.” Clear, convincing CTAs tell your audience what to do and where they are going to go when they click on the button. 

Create Great Ads. Increase Revenue

The best ads aren’t always the ones that are most visible. They’re the ones that meet audiences where they are, answer questions quickly and clearly and generate a sale or convert a lead. Whether you are looking for a robust PPC strategy, a high-quality video production or if you just want to create brand awareness on people’s timelines as they scroll through social media, you need a partner who understands the science and qualities of what great ads look like. 

At Bullseye Media, we can help you develop a marketing strategy, create effective ads across all platforms and generate revenue to increase your ROAS. Get in touch with our team of ad specialists today and learn how we can create your next great ad campaign.