When to Film with Your Smart Phone - blog from Bullseye Media


Smartphones have become so ubiquitous that now, we typically just call them phones. Our tiny pocket-robot technology has evolved exponentially since its primitive introduction in 1992. Today, smartphones have made filming more accessible, enabling many to think, “Hey – I can do that!” 

There are still key disadvantages to creating marketing content with smartphones. Smartphone cameras still cannot match the quality of larger, dedicated cameras and lenses. They typically cannot achieve the same depth of field, capture low-light footage as well or produce the resolution needed for high-end assets. But sometimes, our little handheld devices are exactly what a digital marketing strategy calls for.

When? Okay, we’ll tell you. 

You Want Spontaneous and Unscripted Content 

Grabbing content at a trade show or networking event? Smartphones are perfect for capturing unrehearsed, organic moments as they unfold. Whatever happens, your smartphone is ready to roll and record the authentic, unstaged moments you can’t recreate. 

You Need Social Media Content Marketing

The content on platforms like TikTok is meant to look authentic, unpolished and like it’s being shot on the go. Users can sniff out inauthenticity like hounds on a fox hunt. Smartphones are perfect for capturing real-feeling social media content. They allow you to shoot and share quick clips anytime, anywhere.

You’re Shooting in Tight and Inaccessible Spaces

As you know from having pockets, smartphones don’t require a lot of space. When shooting someplace where lugging bags and boxes of gear is not possible, smartphones can help you get the shot you need. They are easy to maneuver in cramped quarters where larger cameras just won’t fit.

You Want the “Smartphone Look” 

For some content, you explicitly want the finished product to appear shot on a smartphone. The shakier, more handheld look of smartphone footage comes across as very casual, gritty and personal. If that aesthetic works for your brand and messaging, smartphones can be pivotal tools.

You Don’t Care How It Looks

Smartphones are incredible at capturing shaky, poorly-lit footage with accidental pans, zooms and thumbshots. When quality is a non-issue and production is an effort that feels too profound in an increasingly chaotic world, by all means, use your smartphone for anything and everything. 

Make Memorable Content Across Platforms

While professional cameras still surpass smartphones for quality in many situations, they are not always necessary or the best choice. When optimizing resources and streamlining your filming kit, smartphones have a place and purpose. With that said, sometimes what’s most important is getting an informed opinion on which option is best for you.

That’s where we come in.

Bullseye’s in-house production team has the know-how to help you decide whether professional-grade video or smartphone capture will help you achieve the results you’re looking for. No matter what direction you choose, our production team executes cross-platform video content for digital marketing strategies with an array of essential gear. They optimize each shoot with the ideal tools of the trade: whether it’s a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro or an iPhone14 Pro. 

Reach out today and get your video shot right.