The Mary Tyler Moore Statue is a must-see when living in Minneapolis.

Living in Minneapolis: You’re Gonna Make It After All

In 1970, CBS launched The Mary Tyler Moore Show. You may know Mary Tyler Moore as the “The statue by the mall,” but to the TV audience of the 70s, she was Mary Richards, a single 30-year-old woman who moved to Minneapolis after a broken engagement. The show was charming, funny and also groundbreaking for its honest, relatable characters and frank acknowledgement of social issues and dynamics which had never been addressed on primetime.

While the culture has changed significantly (and it’s no longer shocking to be a single 30-year-old woman with a job), the show’s themes remain palpably resonant today. Each year, people from around the world move to the Twin Cities and enjoy the struggles and triumphs of building lives of their own. They build businesses, careers, families and friendships. They find that living in Minneapolis is their ticket to making it, after all. 

To those of you at the onset of a new life in Minneapolis, here’s how we know that you’ll make it, too. 

You’ll Have No Trouble Finding a Job

Unless you’re sitting on a hefty trust fund, a job is pretty foundational for building a life. From artsy little cafes to digital marketing to manufacturing, jobs in Minneapolis are easy to come by. In 2022, our unemployment rate is half that of the national average, and we have only 1 unemployed person for every 3 available jobs. A strange surprise of adulthood, especially for city transplants, is that jobs are more than paychecks. 

Living in Minneapolis, your co-workers will become your friends over happy hours and lunch walks to the Mississippi River. The ones that were born here or have been here a while can help you acclimate to winters and find the can’t-miss events in the summer. You’ll bond with your fellow newcomers and make new discoveries together.

You’ll Be Surrounded by Nature

The people who tell you to “go touch grass” on Twitter may be annoying, but they’re not wrong about the benefits of spending time in nature. Living in Minnesota, even in a city like Minneapolis, means you have access to abundant lakes, rivers, wildflower gardens and more parks than you can shake a stick at. And if you want to shake a stick at a park, there are plenty of trees to offer their branches. 

If you’re stressed, you can find yourself somewhere pretty to recharge. If you’re lonely, you can find a park bench for people-watching or striking up a conversation with a stranger. You can make happy days happier, get your exercise and daydream beside your choice of lakes. And when you want an adventure, it’s waiting for you just outside your door.

You’ll Be in a City of Creativity 

Minneapolis is steeped in creativity, with incredible art, iconic music venues and a vibrant literary scene. When the doldrums of adulthood hit or burn out pays a visit, you can reignite your mind and imagination with a stroll through a Minneapolis sculpture garden, a movie in a park or a visit to one of our year-round festivals or parades. 

There’s a magic to the creative spirit of Minneapolis. Perhaps that’s why so many artists, musicians and writers build their lives and careers here. 

Find Your Creative Home With Bullseye Media

Bullseye Media is an advertising and digital marketing agency located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. Our teams are made of Minnesota natives and out-of-state transplants. Together we create brand-building strategies, optimized websites and engaging media, from social media content marketing to full-scale video productions with our in-house team. 

We’re a group that has each other’s backs and respects each other’s minds. We like each other and the work we do. With paths for growth in every department, we truly help each other make it, after all. 

If you’re looking for a digital marketing job in Minneapolis, visit our website to browse our open positions. We’d love to work with you in this magical city.