Not The Agency’s “Coffee Girl”: Tales of a Precision Intern

I started my first day as an intern for Bullseye Media about a month after I graduated college. It was bittersweet to be done with college but I knew I wanted to start getting more experience under my belt as soon as possible. I was excited to start and spend the summer in downtown Minneapolis after I received the exciting news. Even though I was hired as the graphic design intern, I wasn’t so sure what to expect. In the creative industry, it’s hard to pinpoint what your exact role or position is when you have a variety of skills and interests. Bullseye Media expects their interns to wear multiple hats…and that’s exactly how I spent my summer!

As an intern at Bullseye Media I definitely wasn’t the “coffee girl.” Welcomed with donuts on day one, the other intern and I had several tasks to complete before the end of the day. One involved us capturing “the most interesting thing in the neighborhood,” which meant exploring downtown and getting to know the area. From there on out I took on projects with real clients expanding and improving my skills in graphic design, social media, web design, digital marketing, video production, advertising, blogging, campaign development, content writing, pitching ideas, and more! I had the opportunity to present my work and ideas with the team and sit in on meetings with clients. I took over client social media accounts and created content with my own ideas.

The main intern project over the summer was to rebrand the intern web page and create an intern recruitment video. As interns, we worked together and generated our ideas by researching other internship videos. Once we narrowed down the tone we liked, we started storyboarding and writing down all of the different video shots we wanted to include. Our goal was to create a simple yet compelling video that explains Bullseye Media and their internship program, Precision, in no longer than a minute. Precision is an internship program that consists of learning and gaining experience in the different areas of a visual media agency. Throughout the process of developing the video, I had the opportunity to design the logos for Precision, help direct which shots we wanted around downtown, present our progress, and bring the final product to life. I’m glad I was able to gain experience in video production. 

My favorite part of the internship was helping on a shoot. It was shot on top of a rooftop in downtown Minneapolis. It was a great time to see behind the scenes and get to know the people I work with!

Not only was this internship a huge resume builder, it also gave me the real world experience with real clients and my first full time job! My favorite part about working at Bullseye Media is the fun atmosphere. Since everyday brings new tasks, you aren’t stuck doing the same thing 8:00-5:00, five days a week. Creative agencies like Bullseye are exciting to be a part of because when creative minds get together, they make the ordinary extraordinary. What makes Bullseye Media unique is the size of the team. Some may think we are small, but we are a group of young talent that executes individualized attention. I have met some great coworkers here and it allows me to get to know each unique personality due to our selective size! At Bullseye Media, you get to improve your creative skills in order to deliver on-target results.

– Deonna Brinkman

Summer 2018 Intern, Digital Media Manager