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Meet our Summer Interns!

We are happy to welcome our new summer interns to the Bullseye family! Today marks the start of Deonna Brinkman (Graphic Design) and Brady Davis’s (Animation) internships. As part of their first-day tasks, we had them answer some “getting to know you questions”. Here’s what they came up with:

What’s your favorite Bullseye Media Project? Why? What would you do to make it even better?

Brady: Ideas are like Snowflakes”, because of the underlying message. The animation is really complementary to what is being said, and they work really well together. If I could change anything, I’d possibly add more fluid, traditional animation. It gives off a “children’s storybook” vibe, so possibly more detailed illustrations would be beneficial, or perhaps a different font. Overall the composition is very intriguing!

Deonna: My favorite Bullseye Media project probably has to be working with American Boarding Kennel and Augusta Dog Training & Doggy Daycare. This answer is not only because I love dogs, but I also found the websites and Facebook pages very playful and engaging. Some of the Facebook posts were humorous and unique which keeps the page visually entertaining. One thing I would do to make it even better would be to continue or do more of the individual dog birthdays/spotlight posts. I found it very cute that they posted pictures celebrating “Clint’s” 7th birthday. It allows it to be personable to followers and clients and to actually show them what kind of care their pet is receiving. Another thing to possibly add would be more gifs/videos of the dogs to the American Boarding Kennel website.

What’s the most “Instagrammable” thing in this neighborhood? 



(We agree…Bob is definitely ‘grammable.)

How would you describe Bullseye Media brand in 4 words? How would you describe your personal brand in 4 words?

Brady: Bullseye Media is a Fun, Energetic, Friendly Family. From what I’ve seen so far, everybody seems to take pride in what they do with the company, and have fun doing it, which in many cases you don’t see in other businesses. I really admire the energy I’ve seen from everybody working in the office, and the team has been really friendly, welcoming me with open arms. Everybody seems to also work as a family here. 

I like to think these words best describe my own brand as well, except changing energetic to Humorous. Not that I don’t have the energy, but I enjoy having humor in life. Laughter is the best way to bring people together.

Deonna: I would describe the Bullseye Media brand as determined, innovative, engaging and bold. I would describe my personal brand as open-minded, friendly, adventurous, and vibrant.

Create a graphic that tells us something about yourself.



Minneapolis or St. Paul?

Brady: Minneapolis, obviously. So much more to do, and it’s a fun city!

Deonna: Minneapolis!

We can’t wait to see you grow alongside the Bullseye brand!