how to elevate your brand

How To Elevate Your Brand Through Social Media

It seems like there is a new social media platform every time you go online. With nearly three-quarters of the U.S. population using one or more social media sites, there is a huge opportunity to get your business out into the world, but navigating through can be confusing and time-consuming. Below are some tips from Bullseye about the best ways to elevate your brand through social media

Find Your Voice

Like a hot dog on an olive garden menu, posting content that isn’t related to your company can confuse your followers and discourage engagement. Deciding on a consistent voice for your brand is important to your identity so your customers and clients know your values, process, and big differentiators. Find any established brand on social media and you will see a distinct message behind their posts and across all platforms. Keeping your brand current with other areas your audience favors is important. This can be anything from current events to memes, but being able to provide a fresh approach will help grow a loyal following.

Visual Branding

Large, established companies excel on cross-platform social media initiatives. Similar color schemes, accents, images, characters, and storylines throughout their posts provide a consistent brand identity that permeates their customer’s culture. There are brands that do this so well, we recognize them on sight. Being a memorable brand starts with a visually stunning logo. Make sure that your logo is simple, eye-catching, and tells the customer what they need to know about your business. (Simple graphics animate well for social media posts!) Want to be friendly? Professional? Exciting? Choose a color palette that reflects this and stick to it!


One of the best ways to lose a following on social media is to constantly “pitch” your work. Posts should be selling your idea or product, but they must be conversational. Authenticity is what users on social media value most, and what will keep users coming back.

Play To Your Strengths

While having a solid presence is recommended, advertising your metal fabrication shop on a knitting site might not yield your ideal results. Unless you have a dedicated team for social media, it is better to be good at a handful of sites than mediocre on many. Pick the platforms your customers favor and do not waste time and resources on others you know will not yield results.

Post and Engage

In an environment where feeds are refreshing every second, it’s important you stay top of mind to your clients and customers. Set a schedule and keep a consistent presence on your social media.

A good way to stay relevant and keep followers is through active engagement. Answering questions, interacting with customer posts and even playfully commenting on a competitor’s social media can help you break into new markets. Be nice, don’t get into questionable territory, and engage with your supporters.

While this is by no means a holistic collection of social media law, this is enough to elevate your brand through social media. Everyone wants to go viral, but a good social media strategy builds strong and lasting connections over time. So, get out there and start posting, tweeting and interacting. For help with your social media and creative work, contact Bullseye Media!