Twin Cities Video Production Agency

Twin Cities Video Production Agency

Video content is king. Think about it: TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook draw you in with one interesting video, and suddenly you’re off to the races doom-scrolling till dawn.

With a video production agency in the Twin Cities, your company can reach all kinds of new audiences in new ways.

Watch and Learn

What’s your favorite movie? Chicken Little? Back to the Future! Maybe it’s… Moneyball?

Whatever it may be, there’s probably a reason you have just about every line memorized. Because effective video production creates emotion. It creates memories. Great videos, whether they’re full-length movies or 15-second reels, tell a story that means something to someone.

That meaning, that emotion doesn’t even have to be serious. It can be goofy and weird. It can remind you of that time when you were out on a Saturday night with your best college buddies. But the video tells a story in a meaningful, effective way.

A video production team near you can tell your story, your way. When you want to reach audiences where they are (hint: on their phone, likely scrolling TikTok or Instagram), then an agency that does video production full-time is the way to go.

In fact, working with video production experts in Minneapolis gives you access not only to a professional-grade camera, but you can find some great ideas from copywriters, graphic designers, web developers and more. Agencies can use technology like green screens, animation, special effects and voice overs to really make your video stand out.

Video content is the best way to reach modern audiences. But how do you make your video stand out? Tell your company’s story in a new way. Disrupt the market and show your customers something they’ve never seen before. Make them want to see more and encourage them to join you along for the journey.

The business-customer relationship is truly beautiful when it’s working well. Provide your customers with something they want. Create engaging video content that is memorable with a professional video production team in Minneapolis.

Check out our videos and see what our team can do for you.

Video Facts

Is video really an effective way to reach modern audiences? Yes!

Here are some video facts for your consideration as you look for ways to gain followers, expand your business and navigate the world wide web:

  • Video content sees the most consumer engagement than other content (63%)
  • There are 244.4 million digital video viewers in the U.S.
  • 91% of consumers want more video content from brands
  • 66% of consumers find short-form video to be the most engaging kind of content online
  • Pages with video content see a conversion rate of 86%
  • 87% of marketers report favorable returns with video

It just makes sense to create video content. Consumers want it, brands see high success rates with it and Twin Cities video production agencies are really good at creating it. Building engaging video content is a smart business move and shows how your brand is staying engaged with the market and in touch with your customers.

We have helped brands around the country grow their businesses and reach new audiences. Check out these case studies:

The Simple Scrub

1000% increase in sales? Simple.


Leads on leads on leads.

Minnesota Equipment

4 million eyes on you.

What’s the Deal With Video Content?

Recent studies have shown that videos have become the preferred form of content for online audiences and digital marketing agencies alike… And it’s not just a preference; videos also tend to have higher engagement rates and better conversion rates, and can even improve your website’s SEO.

Focusing on the user experience and providing content that is relatable and engaging encourages more people to visit your page, share it and keep coming back for more. Give the people what they want: video.

  • Video is more engaging
    • Video content is more visually stimulating and eye-catching.
  • Video is shareable
    • People can recognize and react to videos more easily than text-based content.
  • Video is memorable
    • It hits us in the feels and creates a personal connection with the viewer.

Video production in the Twin Cities can work wonders for your business. Create something great with a full-service video production team, including copywriters, designers, videographers, editors and producers to bring your brand to new consumers.

A Video Production Team Near You

Bullseye Media is a Minneapolis-based video production agency with teams of experts ready to bring your brand to life. Our production studio, professional-grade cameras, editing software and creative minds can help orchestrate your next great video.

Whether you want to do extensive market research to really nail your next campaign, or if you’re looking for a quick video ad, we can help. Our video production team in the Twin Cities will help you through the process from start to finish.

Video content is more important than ever. What are you going to create?