Located at the corner of Lyndale and 35th, the prefab White Castle is an unsung Minneapolis landmark.

Must-See Unsung Landmarks in Minneapolis

In Minneapolis, there’s no shortage of interesting things to see or do. You’ve surely seen that giant spoon, the big blue rooster and our massive murals of artists like Prince and Bob Dylan. But nestled among the famous parks and buildings are unsung Minneapolis landmarks that embody the spirit of the city. 

Slow your scroll for just a moment, and let us offer you a few spots you should know about in our beloved hometown. 

White Castle Building No. 8

Who knew a White Castle could be so quaint? The National Register of Historic Places, apparently. Built in 1936, it was one of the few portable, prefab buildings built by the slider kings. In 1986, the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission moved the iconic pre-war building to the corner of Lyndale and 35th to save it from demolition. 

What’s especially great about this historic White Castle is that it’s now home to the Diverse Emerging Music Organization whose Minnesota Music Archive Project “aims to create an archive of all available independent and small commercial recordings to preserve them for the future.” 

House of Balls

If anywhere sums up the scrappy, hardworking, artistic spirit of Minneapolis, it’s House of Balls. The unassuming building just off the Cedar Riverside Light Rail station is home to artist Allen Christian’s compelling creations made from bowling balls and other unusual materials. 

While Christian’s art is for sale, the gallery is free to tour with the option of making a donation. When you’re able, step into the House of Balls to explore these brilliant things to see from a thriving Minneapolis artist

Deming Heights Park

The highest point in the Minneapolis park system, Deming Heights Park offers tranquil walks through tall trees and a stunning view of the skyline. It’s also where you can find one of Minneapolis’s tiniest landmarks: a curious little elf door offering whimsical discovery to kids of all ages. 

While Minneapolis is full of beautiful parks, add this one to your must-see list. 

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