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WTF: Navigating the Ever-Changing Digital Landscape

The average age of business owners in the United States is just over 50 years old. As they entered the professional world as young adults in the mid-90s, this is how America’s most trusted morning show discussed the internet. (Take a minute to watch it; it’s pretty funny.) Flash forward 28 years, and we’ve gone from baffled curiosity to living our lives online. On average, Americans spend about 23 hours a week on the internet. Global e-commerce revenue is projected to top 5 trillion US dollars in 2022. Studies show that cable TV is falling out of favor as streaming services become the go-to choice for American viewers, with younger demographics preferring Youtube to any TV network, while 75% of Americans get their news from at least one online source. 

Rapid advances in technology combined with the increasingly digital nature of our lives has accelerated the pace at which consumer trends come and go, which can leave many brand leaders saying WTF.

Bullseye Media understands the immense importance that keeping up with the digital landscape holds for brands. Optimizing your online presence is the key to building your brand, from growing and engaging your audience to increasing your revenue. Keep reading for Bullseye’s suggestion for keeping up with the ever-changing digital world. 

1. Understand Your Audience’s Online Behavior

From toddlers on iPads in your friendly neighborhood Applebee’s to grandparents keeping up with their friends on Facebook, our population is deeply connected to the internet. There are, however, large generational and other differences in how people engage with digital platforms and communication, right down to the use of Emojis. Understanding these different online behaviors is essential for brands to navigate the digital landscape, effectively reach their target audiences and maintain relevance as new consumers and clients graduate into that target. 

Knowing where different generations are spending their time online is a key component of effective digital marketing. Seniors prefer email, Baby Boomers and Generation X are all more likely to engage on Facebook, while younger generations are more inclined to stay connected via Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. Socio-economic and cultural identities also inform online use. If you’re seeking to attract blue collar millennials, your digital strategy will need to be much different than if your target audience is older and more affluent. 

2. Keep Up with Trends

Digital customers have become the driving force of brand growth and strategy. The digital world lives trend-to-trend, and keeping up with those trends enables you to optimize your digital content to stay top-of-mind and visible to new audiences. Set up Google Alerts for relevant marketing and consumer information and keep an eye out for hashtags and search terms that are lighting up the internet for your target audience. As consumers increasingly seek brands that make them feel seen and who represent specific values and a clear company purpose, it’s also important to maintain an up-to-date understanding of broader social trends and attitudes. 

Incorporating these trends into your digital strategy, from high-level messaging to tailored keywords and hashtags, not only keeps your content fresh and more likely to be seen, but it allows you to build brand equity. 

3. Build Your Digital Fluency

Navigating the digital landscape extends beyond understanding online consumer behaviors and marketing or social trends. For brands to survive in the modern age, they must develop digital fluency. By being well-versed in the language of digital technology, data intelligence and the platforms and systems available, brands become more competitive in the digital space. Knowing how and when to reach your audience increases the likelihood that they’ll engage with your messaging and improve your conversion rate. Digital fluency also builds flexibility. 

As we wade deeper into an age of rapid fire change and hot news cycles, brands need to be poised to quickly turn around relevant messaging at a moment’s notice. This agility keeps brands one step ahead on the path to sustainable growth. 

Traverse the Digital Landscape with Bullseye Media

Bullseye Media combines the timeless art of storytelling with a cutting-edge understanding of the digital landscape across generations, markets and industries. We work closely with brands to build effective digital campaign strategies that are tailored to their culture, mission and target demographic. Our creatives craft compelling websites, videos, graphics and copy while our social media and SEO teams leverage their digital fluency to optimize all content to increase traffic and conversions. Innovative, creative and knowledgeable, Bullseye Media helps brands stake a stronger claim in the digital world and earn real results. Whether you’re a digital native or a digital transport, the internet is our home now. Navigate it right with Bullseye. Reach out to us today.