market fluctuations

Media and Marketing Advice During Market Fluctuations

By Brian Knight

Over the course of the last week, we have been asked by several clients what they should do with their marketing during this time. With the news dominating our phones and feeds—what can businesses do with their marketing?

First and foremost – We 100% recommend that the health and safety of your employees, clients, customers and vendors should come first. Following your local and national health experts should be done before anything else.

Below are the 7 best tips we have for companies on how to handle their marketing and media during this time:

1.  Plan Ahead 

There are so many marketing initiatives that never launch because you get too busy. Work with your team to design new campaigns to launch when appropriate. Put that dream idea you had a few months ago into action, and produce the necessary plan and content to launch it!

2.  Be Prepared for The Rebound

When the news, sports, and life return to normal you want your company to be prepared to lead and grow. Coming out of this cycle strong can help your company have a leg up on the competition and the market. Prepare additional content, media, videos, articles, social media posts, graphics, and general marketing materials now, so you can be one of the few who is not playing catch-up.

3.  Get Creative

Get creative and be positive! Produce media that is positive and eye-catching. Implement some of your best creative ideas and get feedback from the digital world. As the sea of identical subject matter continues to rise, use this time to show people something different and make positive waves– you won’t regret it!

4.  Focus On Digital

Everyone is online right now—everyone. Focus on pushing content online these next 2-6 weeks to gain additional traction, brand awareness and SEO growth. With the internet reaching new traffic records, now is an ideal time to release content and focus on growing your online footprint. Remember to keep the content relevant to your business or industry, target market and client goals. When the dust settles, you will be a step ahead.

5.  Keep Going 

You should not hard-stop your marketing. Stick to your strategy if you can! The market is looking for leaders—companies who are the rock in the storm…the ones who stay calm when everything else is out of control. You control your company’s vision, narrative and message, so use this as a time to show your clients, customers and competitors that you are stable. Continuing your marketing and media sends a strong message, and even if you take a few smaller steps, that effort will pay dividends when it’s time to put the pedal to the metal again.

6.  Bolster Sales Support 

Marketing at its core is “sales support” – it provides the sales or business development team with the tools they need to sell. Now is the perfect time to work closely with your sales team and create content they need right now to obtain meetings (most likely virtual), and what they will request in the coming weeks.

7.  Shore up Lingering Tasks 

Everyone has them – case studies, social media graphics, sell sheets, etc. The list goes on and on. Work with your marketing team or agency to get these projects done, so you are ahead of your competitors when things stabilize.

8.  Turn Cancellations Into Opportunities 

Connect with people through digital mediums. If an event gets cancelled, host a webinar or live video conference to ensure people can still receive the necessary information. A digital meeting will also provide you with the opportunity to create web content and grow your online footprint.

Moral of the story: 

  • Stay ahead by getting additional media and marketing initiatives done.
  • Continue moving forward to be the leader and beacon of positive market disruption.
  • Stay the course or pivot (if necessary) to secure high brand-awareness and industry leadership.
  • Use cancellations as an opportunity for continued touchpoints and future growth.

Bullseye Media is here to help! Our creative agency is open and navigating forward, step-by-step, just like you and your business. Email for any marketing, media or PR questions.