What Does a Marketing Agency Actually Do?

When you have a company that you want to grow (you know, like most companies do), you’re going to need to market it. Sure, you can do that in-house. After all, how hard is it? Marketing is just throwing a social media post together and telling all your employees to share it, right? Wrong!

Innovative marketing requires a strategic marketing plan and keenly executive content that reaches customers who are actually going to do something when they come across your company. Enter: your marketing agency. 

Full-service marketing agencies specialize in all facets of marketing, from video production to search engine optimization to sales support materials. But it doesn’t just magically happen; a marketing agency needs to work alongside your team to help learn about your brand, your goals and your audience. 

Marketing Agencies Learn About You and Your Market

One of the first things a marketing partner will do is learn about your company, branding and goals. Before they can get into the nitty gritty work like video production and visual identity, they need to get to know you.

By taking the time to conduct market research, create customer personas and build a brand foundation, your marketing agency will be able to more effectively write, create and deliver messaging that hits the mark. 

You know you’ve struck gold with a marketing agency when they diligently research and work to understand your company and the market you’re working in. Then, you can all get to work doing the fun stuff. 

Marketing Agencies Build Websites

It is no secret that business practices are rapidly changing to keep up with an increasingly online, connected world. As such, great companies need to have great websites. An agency that specializes in web development will take a holistic approach to building you a new site that looks great, functions to the benefit of your demographics and is intuitive to use. 

Consistent messaging and branding on your website is one of the most important aspects of modern businesses, as digital traffic continues to increase across industries. Web dev teams will be able to implement your brand in creative ways while boosting your SEO, generating warm leads and growing your business. 

Marketing Agencies Manage Social Media

Similar to website development, social media management is an excellent way to reach current and potential customers in a digital business world. Social media strategies require time and planning to ensure your messaging is consistent and effective. An agency will help advise the best practices for social media marketing, from timing your posts to using specific hashtags and nailing that professional yet approachable voice. 

Agencies have entire teams devoted to social media management, and they can help grow your following and reach people near you. When your social media is working for you and stops becoming a chore, you’ll see a huge difference in engagement and growth. 

Marketing Agencies Create Videos

Videos are some of the most exciting work marketing agencies get to do. They bring your brand to life in a tangible way that can be viewed by hundreds, thousands or even millions of people. Video production is a highly specialized vertical that takes multidisciplinary teams to achieve successfully. 

From script writing and set design to casting and filming, from post-production to publishing on strategic channels, video production is one of the most comprehensive services you can get for your company with a marketing partner. 

Whether you are creating a commercial, a social media post or a digital ad, video production can change the way you do business, especially when you have a trusted agency on your side. 

Marketing Agencies Promote Your Company

Full-service agencies have an entire set of tools they can use to promote your company in a way that is catered to you. From blogs (Hey! That’s this!) to digital ads, video production and other innovative marketing techniques, your brand and your company is at the forefront of your marketing vendor’s mind. 

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