The Art of Universe Building

Middle Earth. Narnia. The Marvel Cinematic Universe. These fictional worlds provide a much-needed dose of escapism from our hectic everyday lives. They encourage us to think differently and add depth and flavor to a story. Heck, some of them even teach us a fictional language or two.

When creators put extra time and detail into universe-building, it shows. But did you know that you can create a world that is just as immersive and richly-imagined for your business?

With the right storytelling techniques, you can get your audience to listen, empathize and act in the way our favorite fictional universes do. Here’s how you can build a world around your brand that rivals the interstellar societies of Dune.

Understand the Value of Sales vs Marketing

A sales pitch is a bit like the SparkNotes version of a novel – it gets the job done, but there’s no art or feeling behind it.

Your audience doesn’t want to feel like a cog in the machine, or that they are merely a means to an end. Marketing provides that much-needed storytelling element by addressing needs in detailed and thoughtful ways. The best marketing techniques meet audiences where they are and expand their understanding of what’s possible. 

Craft a Heroic Narrative

The Hero’s Journey is one of the most universal and effective storytelling frameworks ever created. In order to fully tell your brand’s story, you need to place your hero – the customer – front and center. From there, you give them the tools and the path to embark on that journey.

Geralt of Rivia wouldn’t wander through the Witcher universe without his trusty swords. Similarly, your audience needs the right tools to succeed if they are going to engage with your brand’s universe. Whether those include product demos, how-to guides or effective calls to action, there are infinite ways to prepare your audience for their adventure.

Consider Your Audience’s Interests

What is your audience interested in beyond, but adjacent to, your product or service? In other words, how can you flesh out your world to draw them even further in?

Say you run a lawn care company. Blog after blog offering lawn care tips may start to feel a bit too on the nose after a while, but how can you continue to keep your audience engaged? Topics such as great outdoor activities for families or the best flowers to plant during a particular season can connect with audiences in new ways, and even make newcomers feel more welcome. In short, you’re like Starfleet, encouraging other planets to join the Federation.

Stay Human

The most grandiose universe-building is nothing without the human element at its center. Take Blade Runner’s cyberpunk aesthetic – pretty cool on its own, but without the themes of personhood that plague Harrison Ford’s character throughout, that world feels much more two-dimensional.

In other words, don’t lose sight of your audience’s wants, hopes and dreams, no matter how fascinating a world you’ve created. Sharing authentic stories and prioritizing the audience experience expands your universe and helps your customers feel a little less like replicants.

Bullseye: Expand Your Brand’s Cinematic Universe

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