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As you are working to establish your brand and garner new sales, investing in the right digital marketing should be the goal.

Essential Marketing Investments for Young Companies

It’s hard out there for the young pups.

Whether you’re offering a cutting-edge new piece of technology or a personal service with a little TLC, the marketplace grows more competitive by the day thanks to digital advertising. As more companies build buzz about their business through highly-shareable content, the battle for the customer rests in the quality and frequency of contact.

Which content will get there first, and which will make the greatest impact? These are — simply put — marketing questions.

As you are working to establish your brand and garner new sales, investing in the right digital marketing should be the goal. Here are our tips.

Short-Form Video

When tech giants roll out a new phone, the most noticeable update is usually a better or larger camera. Or more cameras. Quite frankly, the number of cameras is getting excessive. But it speaks to a larger trend: people crave high resolution video.

The ability to create high quality video is so ubiquitous that businesses — especially young ones — now have no excuse for skipping it. With TikTok surpassing 1 billion active users, it has become apparent that solid video with a short-form focus isn’t going anywhere.

If a video production isn’t part of your brand’s marketing suite, you are running the risk of appearing dated and out of touch.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers aren’t just for beaches and beverages anymore. Thousands of brands ranging from financial services to cleaning supplies have recognized the power of tapping into an existing audience of loyal followers. On today’s social networks, influencers with previously atypical niches like farming, home goods, retail specialties, and pet care command millions of followers and can shed light on new products. The personal care industry — think skincare, diet, fitness, and mental health — is particularly booming. By leveraging the built-in network of an influencer, your business could gain thousands of new eyes for a relatively low marketing budget.

A High Quality Website

Your website doesn’t display your brand – it is part of your brand. A clean, organized, and approachable site speaks volumes about your business. Clunky clip-art and 404 links say just as much.

Partnering with a web development team to create a stunning site to display (and sell) your products and services is a no-brainer, particularly if you’re a new player in the industry. Digital marketing efforts will often lead potential clients to your site, so it needs to be up to snuff.

Social Media Presence

Have you ever discovered a new artist, company, or product, then searched for more insight or visuals on social media? It’s remarkably common. When potential clients navigate to your social media pages, whether by total accident or in search of goods, they need to be rewarded with a robust history of engaging posts. Three stock photos on your IG is a no-go. Once you level up your social media marketing to the point of having a healthy presence, you can actually start directing users to your pages to get to know your brand and voice a little better.

A word to the wise: not every company belongs on every platform. Maybe your brand needs a TikTok, but it might not. Establishing a lackluster or out-of-touch account will actually hurt your presence in the market, so choose your platforms intentionally and execute them thoughtfully.


This is the nitty gritty stuff that the nerds work on. SEO helps you optimize your posts, articles, web pages, and even photos to rank for keywords that are pertinent to your product offering and important to your audience. It also helps you to show up more readily in Google and YouTube searches. If your team is relying on the luck of the draw when it comes to SEO, just know that you are missing out on a clear, strategic path forward that an advertising agency could help you develop. SEO is the love language of algorithms. Learn to speak it.

Curated Digital Ads

The days of cold calls may not be over, but other less time-intensive methods have emerged. If you have ever scrolled across a Facebook, Instagram, or Google ad that you swear was reading your thoughts, you know what we’re talking about.

Social media marketing is now hyper-targeted for geography, similar interests, age, gender, music preferences – you name it. You can get as granular as you want with your digital advertising…and the more niche, the better. Utilize ads to get in front of the exact individual who would be most interested in your brand, and stop playing guessing games.

Cross-Platform Brand Integration

This one is key to your digital marketing strategy. It’s basically the final crescendo to the symphony of your advertising efforts.

Implementing and proliferating your brand across every piece of content you create requires forethought and precision, but it’s critical to establishing a lasting impression on your customers and a recognizable presence in the marketplace.

Whenever someone encounters a photo on your socials, reads an email from your newsletter, sees your logo, or interacts with one of your team members, it should be clearly identifiable as your brand. The word choice, tone, and even colors you use should be consistent across every platform, in every last piece of text, imagery, or video. Your content should ooze your brand. As a young business, you need a complete brand integration strategy that incorporates all these elements – video production, SEO, web development, social media marketing, audience targeting, etc. That’s how you make a real impression.

The Big Leagues Are Waiting For You

Whether you need a new site, some updated social media lingo, an elevated video presence, or you just want to know what SEO even is, the digital marketing nerds at Bullseye can help you get there.

We will help nurture your brand towards industry titanship so you can focus on running your business. With all the capacity of a top-tier advertising agency — without any of the corporate runarounds or mumbo-jumbo — Bullseye is the marketing team you never knew you needed. Get connected and let’s grow together.