By Sara Holton 

Is having a great product, great service, or great idea the only requirement for a successful business? No way. Even if you have an awesome product, service, or idea, generating sales is key and in order to do this, you need marketing. I mean sales. I mean marketing.

Potential clients not only need to know your business exists but also why it’s better than competitors.

Sales is marketing at its core. 


The responsibility of communicating your value, service, or products rests on the marketing team’s shoulders. They create awareness and attract potential clients. Sales is then responsible for reinforcing the value and communicating with potential clients, turned clients.

Really, success is all about the right kind of communication and both marketing and sales are responsible. They should always be working in tandem to get the results you seek. Sales and marketing need to speak the same language, just in different dialects. Marketing invokes thought, inspiration, and creativity while sales often focuses on tangibles and “the now.” 


Sales needs marketing. Marketing needs sales. Sales is marketing. You truly can’t have one without the other. Marketing sparks interest and sales closes the deal but most importantly, they are aligned. We often encourage professionals to use marketing for sales. What does that mean? All of your content should be used as a sales tool. Articles, videos, web pages, graphics, etc. Use those to sell, use them to break the ice, and get a meeting.

Common Goal

Sales and marketing share a common goal: leads, revenue, and profit growth. They are one and the same. They both strive to attract prospects, convert to clients, and grow the business. Too often we see sales and marketing pitted against one another, they are enemies instead of allies. Sales should inform marketing what potential customers want and marketing should find creative ways to deliver those solutions and attract new business. It is a symbiotic relationship.

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