From the company’s initial brand summit to the launch of the Amazon furniture line, we developed a brand centered on inspiring form and smart function.

The goal was to create a collection of furniture that are both functional and pieces of art. The logo design is simple and modern – appealing to the urban-dwelling millennial.

Spatial Order logo


A product line centered around the concept of form and function, the product graphics aimed to incorporate this idea.

With copywriting and graphic design, infographics that are now live on the product display pages (PDP) of Amazon, were created.


Three collections were born – Miller, Hudson, Kaufmann, and Dinah. In a Vegas showroom, four sets that match the aesthetic of the prospective collections, were built.

Photos of the scenes were taken for the PDPs.


Videos of individual SKUs were filmed. Descriptive text was placed on product shots to inform the consumer of each product’s key features. A total of 32 videos were produced.

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