By Sara Holton

What’s your favorite story?

Take a second to think about it. Is it something you read? Watched? Listened to? Made up? Heard from a friend?

Wherever your story came from, you remember it. 

Humans remember stories. 

If you really want to step up your marketing, development, or any area of your business, it’s time to harness the power of stories. 

Facing Adversity 

Whether it’s Catch Me If You Can or Lord of the Rings, these stories inspire us to take the highest path, pick up the heaviest rock, and face the dragons seeking to destroy us. 

Throughout your business ventures, you will face adversity, and so will your client. 

The best brands tell stories that help their clients face their challenges and solve their problems. If your company can solve someone’s problem with your story, that story will make a difference to its audience.

Selling Your Product

If you situate your company as a guide and your client as the hero, you’ll be valued as the character that helps them on their journey. 

Basically, your company is Obi-Wan Kenobi, and your client is Luke Skywalker. 

It’s powerful to position your client as the hero, and the shift allows you to supply the service or product they need to succeed. 

Strengthening Company Culture

Company storytelling that values its employees is the mark of strong internal culture. Stories can be a powerful tool for managing the company’s culture and communication. 

The stories flowing internally can point to what your employees believe your culture is about. It might not be the same as your planned marketing messages. If there’s a large gap between the two, that’s an indicator of a pain point that should be resolved. 

Leaving a Last Legacy

What’s the secret of a successful family business? They persistently promote the entrepreneurial spirit that led to their first victory despite the adversity they faced. Their unique blend of ambition, determination, and risk-taking is vital to their success. And how do we know this? Through their family story. 

Stories last, and will speak of your work for years to come. 

Marketing Your Company 

People remember how you made them feel, rarely the information you gave them. 

Storytelling produces a powerful marketing strategy – since people want to connect with brands that adopt this approach. Most people are more receptive to stories than data, which is why more companies are adopting a story-based marketing approach. 

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